Functional Medicine- Sizar’s Longevity Protocols

The integrative functional medicine paradigm adopts an individualized, patient-centric, evidence-based methodology, fostering collaboration between patients and practitioners to delve into the root causes of illnesses and cultivate peak wellness. Instead of compartmentalizing diseases, it focuses on addressing the underlying factors contributing to each patient’s condition.

Longevity medicine endeavors to enhance the quality of aging through personalized, precision care. Rejecting the notion of “anti-aging,” we instead focus on optimizing the aging process, distinguishing between chronological age and biological age. Biological age, influenced by lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress levels, sleep quality, and environmental exposures, serves as a more accurate measure of overall health and aging.

– Exposome Analysis:
– Examining internal metabolic factors and external environmental influences
– Understanding how these factors shape gene expression

– Epigenetics and Genetics Exploration:
– Revealing the impact of environmental factors on genetic structure and function
– Unveiling the dynamic interaction between nature and nurture

– Nutrigenomics Investigation:
– Exploring how nutrients and phytochemicals affect genetic expression
– Tailoring dietary interventions based on individual genetic makeup

– Sociogenomics Insights:
– Investigating the complex relationship between social networks and health outcomes
– Understanding how social factors influence overall well-being

– Pharmacogenomics Examination:
– Analyzing how genetic factors impact an individual’s response to medications
– Personalizing treatment plans to optimize efficacy and minimize adverse effects

At Sizar Wellness in Howard County, Columbia, Maryland, we are dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey towards optimal aging, offering biohacking strategies to empower individuals to age gracefully and vibrantly.  Embarking on this journey, we will optimize health through the Five Sizar Longevity Protocols

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1. Microbiome Optimization:

Our Comprehensive Microbiome analysis will specifically analyze your concentration of commensal bacteria, short chain fatty acids, beta glucuronidase, yeast overgrowth, parasitology, digestive enzymes, fecal fat, and inflammatory makers. We will customize the best plan to optimize your microbiome health.

2. Chronic Inflammation:

Our chronic inflammatory testing protocols will provide me with a deeper insight to customize a detoxification and immune support plan specifically for you.

3. Metabolic Efficiency

After optimizing the first 3 Sizar Longevity Protocols, we will give you the tools to prevent and even reverse disease. This will include a thorough nutritional protocol, personalized exercise regimens/goals, and continuous data tracking.

4. Hormone Optimization

Our Hormone Optimization Program is addressed only after completing the Microbiome and Chronic Inflammation Programs. We will specifically test your hormones and personalize your unique hormone treatment protocol.

5. Cognitive Enhancement:

Learn about our unique neurocognitive testing and intensive 3 month cognitive training program. Our protocol will give you the tools to increase your own levels of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity.

Executive Complete Program:

Encouraged for those who have optimized Sizar’s Longevity Programs and want to improve their Biological Age. Must first complete Microbiome/Inflammation Protocols before addressing last 3 Genetic (dna/snp) testing and Epigenetic (methylation) testing recommended

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