Introduction to Longevity Medicine

Exploring Longevity Medicine at Sizar Wellness

At Sizar Wellness, we practice Longevity medicine which is an advanced form of personalised preventive medicine. The goal of Longevity and Precision medicine aims to improve the quality of your life (healthspan) while our current healthcare approach aims to improve the quantity of your life (lifespan).

Shifting Focus from Lifespan to Healthspan

As a hospitalist (Hospital physician), I slowly became overwhelmed by addressing the same type of patients with the same type of diseases only to extend their inevitable lifespan without proper healthspan. People are sicker for longer before they pass away. Our aim is to shorten this window of morbidity and increase the period of longevity or health in our final years.

Empowering Prevention and Reversal

I want to enable my patients to avoid cognitive decline, reverse heart disease, reverse type 2 diabetes, and avoid their first heart attack or stroke. My uncle died of sudden cardiac death from a heart attack at the age of 25. I was only 3 years old but I think about him every single day. If I knew what I know now, would my uncle still be alive today? I believe so. I want to empower you now so you don’t regret it on the hospital bed when it’s too late. I now feel passionate about extending the healthy years of my patients so they can be able to live the life they want at any stage of their life.

Advanced Diagnostics and Treatments

At Sizar Wellness, we provide the most advanced diagnostics and treatments to those who seek a longer and healthier life meaning increasing healthspan rather than increasing lifespan which is our chronological age. We take the necessary steps to minimize or reverse disease/illness before they become irreversible or even fatal. We seek to extend member healthspan by creating a vital roadmap through our 5 Longevity Programs. Our diagnostic tests will uncover the root cause of inflammation and disease including factors like toxin exposure, nutrient deficiencies, mitochondrial dysfunction, and more.

Comprehensive Support for Lifelong Wellness

Our membership program is designed to provide ongoing support for lifelong wellness. Members have access to our team every day, not just during scheduled visits, ensuring continuous guidance and assistance on their health journey. We prioritize increasing healthspan—providing as many healthy years as possible—rather than simply extending chronological lifespan.

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